Rudolf Schad GmbH & Co. KG


Speck cutter SPECKFIX

  • Concept for sharing of speck parts; 
  • Powerful and straight cross cut
  • Easy handling; compact construction in stainless steel

Frame and cover sheets in strong and robust design; Made in stainless steel 1.4301; Construction of current saftey-and hygienic rules and norms; CE-conform; Protection device by splitting or cutting of the product

Machine specification:

  • Connection/Power : 230 Volt, 50Hz 6A, 0,75 kW
  • Mode of drive : Electrical drive
  • Machine dimensions B/H/T : 630 mm x 1500 mm x 530 mm
  • Machine weight : 155 kg
  • Cutting length : 400 mm
  • Cutting height : 130 mm
  • Cutting speed : 5 sec/cut

Looper machine E85-2

For feeding in and creating hanging loops in pieces of meat of every kind. Through our many years of experience, our quality and ongoing enhancements to the loop knotting machine originally developed by company founder Rudolf Schad, we are valued as an international, firmly established, recognised partner for expertise and customer service for the butcher’s trade and the meat industry.

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WURSTEL - manual sausage separator

Net stuffer

Easy filling into elastic nets and intestine casing. The RSM 600/900/1200 net stuffing machines facilitate efficient and problem-free production and processing of rolled and filled joints, cured ham, rolled fillet of ham, boiled ham or ham of any kind. Filling can be into elastic nets or intestine casing. Thanks to quick conversion, without tools, from net tube to ribbed tube, the product can be filled into netting or intestine casing..

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Quality twines from SCHAD

All around Sausages and Meat: Quality twines from SCHAD. Your partner around twines, cuts of twines in lengths, ropes, sausage twines, clipperyarns, sausage loops and special twines and yarns. Maschine twine for Looper machines to hang up kinds of meat, Meat tying machines, Clippers and more. For the perfect overview, in different colour combination, the ideal solution for identification your sausages and meat charges. Tear resistant and safe.

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 Available as Table top model, Standmodel, Bearing table model, Ramp table model, Banked table model and as Industry bandsaw.

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Machines knives in high quality for industrie and butcher shops

  • Bandsaw blades for Fresh Meat, Frozen Meat, Bones, Fish...
  • Skinner/Derinder blades
  • Rip Puller blades
  • Rip Puller loops

in best high quality for all popular machine manufactures

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Knive grinding systems

Wet grinding systems for sharpening hand knives, cleavers and cutter blades of every sort and size. 
The wet grinding process and knife guide ensure you obtain even sharpening and a longer service life for your blades.
Water plugs and robust stainless steel casing make cleaning the machine extremely easy.

Impressive benefits:

  • Very easy to use
  • Hygienic (HACCP)
  • Water outlet plug
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Grinding angle guide

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Tying systems for butcher shops and industry

Traditional handling technology and presentation suggest your consumer quality and the awareness to purchase high quality products. Give your products the traditional hand made feature about operation of modern technology.

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NUTRAFILM™ is an edible film made of water-soluble polysaccharides.
This new material has many excellent properties and advantages...

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